Varuna Mess Timing

The meal timings are as follows:-

Ser Meal Working Days Sat/Sun/Holidays Preceding Holidays
(a) Breakfast 0730 to 0830 0800 to 0930
(b) Lunch 1300 to 1400 1300 to 1430
(c) Dinner 2000 to 2230 (21:30 during Winter routine) 2000 to 2200

Following bar hours will be observed :-

Ser Days Timings (in hrs)
(a) Week days 1300 to 1400 & 1900 to 2145
(b) Sat/Sun/Holidays 1300 to 1430 & 1900 to 2200

NOTE 1 No meals will be served outside the specified hours without the express permission of the Officer-in-Charge/Senior Officer present.

NOTE 2 Meals will not be served other than in the dining hall except for administrative reasons. No meals will be served in any officer’s cabin except when he/she is placed `Sick in Quarters’. Meals will be served in public rooms only for organised parties. Private parties are allowed in the public rooms’ upto 2359 hrs.

NOTE 3 No liquor is permitted to be bought from outside and consumed in the mess premises. Consumption of alcoholic drinks in the cabins is strictly prohibited.

NOTE 4 No liquor is to be taken to the TV room, Library and Varuna lounge by any officer. Consumption of liquor and smoking in these rooms is strictly prohibited.

NOTE 5 No children below 18 years of age are permitted in the dining hall, bar, Blue room and Green room except during specially organised events for them.

NOTE 6 In keeping with the latest ruling by the Supreme Court, smoking inside the Main Mess Block is not permitted except in specified “Smoking Zones”.